Storage is always getting cheaper and cheaper. The first 256GB microSD, which was made available by Samsung, cost a whopping $249.99 when it debuted in 2016. Similarly, the first 128GB microSD card, which came from SanDisk, entered the market back in 2014 at a price of $199.99. Amazon is now offering 256GB and 128GB versions of the EVO Select microSD card for just $84.99 and $33.99, respectively.

Samsung's EVO Select cards (rebranded versions of the EVO Plus for Amazon) are U3-rated, which means that they have a minimum sequential writing speed of 30MB/s. They're also rated for maximum speeds of 100MB/s for reading and 90MB/s for writing. The standard and far more ubiquitous U1 rating of 10MB/s is a lot slower than that, so if you do a lot of data transfer, this is definitely a big step up.

The $84.99 price for the 256GB EVO Select and the $33.99 number for the 128GB card are both all-time lows. Of course, they both come with their own SD adapters. Prime shipping is free, and depending on where you live, it could even be same-day shipping. Hit the source links below to check them out.