Google Photos is, for many, a life-changing product. It stores and organizes every photo you take in relatively high quality for free (or in original quality for free, if you're a Pixel user). There's still something to be said for printed photos, though, which makes the photo books Google offers a neat proposition. And now, residents of Italy, the Netherlands, and Spain are able to take advantage.

Last year, photo books made their debut, as many Google products do, in the US. They became available in Canada a few months later, then Germany, the UK, and France just last month.

Pricing for the books has been a bit of a sore spot for buyers outside the US, where the books start at $10 and $20 for the smaller and larger versions, respectively. Like in Germany and France before them, the books are pretty pricey in the three new countries: a seven-inch softcover book with up to 20 pages is €12.99, with additional pages costing €0.49 each; a nine-inch hardcover starts at €22.99 for 20 pages, plus €0.69 per additional page. Shipping is the same for both sizes: €5.99 for "economy" delivery in eight to eleven business days, or €13.99 for priority in four to seven days.