The Nexus Player is quite old at this point — after all, it has "Nexus" in its name — but it still has its fans. That's in spite of a sleeping bug from late last year, no more OS or security updates, and most recently and worryingly, a large batch randomly dying. But the units being offered today for $33 on eBay are brand new and we suspect that won't be happening again soon.

As mentioned previously, the Nexus Player is no longer receiving updates, but that doesn't really affect the functionality. Still, if you do get the appetite for a newer OS, LineageOS 15.1 based on Android 8.1 Oreo is available for this Android TV.

For $33 with free shipping, you really can't go wrong. You won't find a new Android TV for less, and in my eyes, $33 is well worth the chance of it dying in four years. The eBay listing is showing the oh-so-common "Limited quantity available" indicator, so don't wait up if you're interested.