As we've learned over the past few years, having a Google service available in your country isn't enough to use it on all your devices. Google Pay, for example, is supported for in-store payments in twenty countries, but only if you're using your phone to make the transaction. If you have a Wear OS smartwatch, however, the Google Pay app won't show up on the watch unless you're in a few countries. At first, the feature came to the US and UK, then it spread to Spain, Canada, and Australia, followed by Poland and Russia. The latest country to join the ranks is Germany.

According to a Google Support page that was just updated, Google Pay on Wear OS now works in Germany. This could mean that the feature has already been functional for a while but Google just got around to updating the page, or that it's rolling out now/soon. Google Pay is new to the country — it's only been available since June — so it's nice to see that Wear OS support has rolled out quickly afterward and isn't taking it sweet time like in other countries.