There are a lot of general questions we have when it comes to how people use their phones here at Android Police, but sometimes they can be hard to articulate or bring to mind. This weekend's question comes courtesy of one of our readers, who wonders: How many of you turn off or disable the flash for your smartphone cameras?

Almost everyone I know immediately turns off their camera's flash whenever they notice that it's on, at most manually enabling it as required for particular photos — and then immediately disabling it again, once they're finished. Personally, it's one of those things like tap/touch sounds that I toggle the moment I finish the setup process on a new phone, but that may not be the case for everyone.

It could simply be an effect of life in the crowded and cramped city, but for me, there's always been something inconsiderate about blinding the unwary on the street or in a dimly lit bar. With the low-light performance of phones like Samsung's Galaxy S devices and Google's Pixels, flash isn't really required to get a good night-time shot, either.

But, like every preference, there are bound to be those with different experiences or in different environments that use their phones in another way. What about you, do you turn off your camera's flash?

Do you turn off or disable the flash on your smartphone camera?

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