There are tons of portable batteries on the market, but few can claim the amount of features that ZeroLemon's 26,800mAh solar charging pack can. If you've been looking for a battery and you're a more adventurous individual, you might want to jump on this $39.99 deal, which is achieved with a coupon code you'll find below.

This rain- and shock-resistant battery measures in at a whopping 26,800mAh in capacity. It has one USB Type-C port that can input 5V/2.8A and output 5V/2.4A (Power Delivery doesn't seem to be supported), one USB-A port that supports Quick Charge 3.0, and another 5V/1.5A USB-A port. There's also a 5V/2A microUSB input. The highlight feature here is obviously the solar charging; while the battery won't charge at all quickly via the sun, it'll come in handy in an extreme emergency. There's also a large flashlight panel with four modes, including an SOS pattern.

To get that $39.99 price (with free shipping), use code MDY9GHPT at checkout. If you're going on some sort of outdoor trip where you won't have access to electricity, or if you just want to plan ahead, this should be worth your consideration at this price.