Huawei's P20 is known for being available in some refreshingly funky color schemes. It launched in a few different colors, including the eye-catching Twilight variant, which has a color-changing finish that shifts from blue to purple to green depending on the lighting. Now, the P20 is getting four new non-traditional finishes: two more iridescent models, and two sporting leather.

The new glass options, Pearl White and Morpho Aurora, do the same color-changing trick as Twilight. Pearl shifts from shades of pink, green, yellow, and blue to white, while Morpho changes from blue to deep purple to black.

Huawei P20 in Pearl White and Morpho Aurora.

The classy new leather finishes are pretty striking, too. Elegant Black is, well, black, with black metal around the sides. Golden Brown (my personal favorite) is sort of tan with bronze-colored metal accents.

Huawei P20 Pro in Elegant Black and Golden Brown.

Huawei hasn't been very clear on availability just yet, but judging by listings on the company's official store, the Pearl White and Morpho Aurora finishes are available on both P20 models, while the leather options seem to be reserved for the Pro.