Google Assistant's routines rolled out in March, then gained customization and scheduling a few months later, but in the time since, routines have always been an English (US) feature. If your Google Home or Assistant on your phone was set to any other language, or any other variant of English, you had to make do with the old My Day feature for a morning routine and not much more. In the past day, however, routines have started popping up left and right for users in several countries.

Based on the different threads on Reddit, it seems that Google Homes are announcing the new feature when users try to execute their "Good morning" routine. The Home explains routines are now live and then pops up a card on your phone to take you to the corresponding settings. Both customization and scheduling are available for routines in these new languages, so you shouldn't wait longer for those. However, most users mention that the feature is buggy and not working properly, and the setting page isn't sticking around.

So far, we've tallied reports in these language-country combinations:

  • Deutsch, Germany (1)
  • English, UK (1, 2, 3)
  • English, Australia (1, 2)
  • English, Canada (1)
  • India (1)
  • bonus (no country mentioned)

Although the onslaught of reports seems to be recent, we got our first tip of routines going live in UK English ten days ago (thanks, Andy!). Back then, no one could replicate it and it disappeared for the tipster the day after, so we chalked it off as a bug. But the behavior he described is the same one being mentioned by the new reports, so it might be that the test started a while back and is expanding now. Hopefully, the feature will properly roll and start working for all Home and Assistant users, regardless of language.