Google One's launch has been fraught with delays and pseudo-announcements. The unifying storage service was introduced in May, but only select users got invited to try it out, then Google re-announced it again a few weeks ago, saying it was available to everyone in the US. But we all know that just meant it was starting to be available to all. Now comes the news that One is finally stepping outside the borders of the USA and going south to Mexico, Brazil, and Argentina, then sailing across the Pacific to Australia.

In blog posts on Google Latin America and Google Australia, the company is promising that its storage service will land in the coming weeks in the four countries. All paid Drive users will be upgraded to the new Google One, but G Suite users won't be affected. There's no word on when the service will be available to free users.

Google One takes Drive's storage a few steps further. Its paid plans are cheaper, can be shared with family members, and there are sometimes offers and perks from partners that users can benefit from. Also included is expert support, which comes in Spanish for Mexico and Argentina, or Portuguese for Brazil.

Google says that it will continue expanding One to more countries in Latin America and around the world later in the next months. So if, like me, you live elsewhere, all you need to do is cross your fingers and be patient. Very patient.

This post has been updated to add Australia to the list of countries getting Google One.