You know smart home technology is becoming ubiquitous when even a 150-year-old company decides to get in on the fun. That's the case with Yale, founded in 1868 by the inventor of the modern pin tumbler lock, Linus Yale, Jr. The historic company collaborated with Google's home automation company, Nest, to reveal the Nest x Yale Lock in January 2018. Now, Yale has achieved the inevitable next step in its journey into cutting edge security tech, with the announcement that as of today, Google Assistant on mobile or Google Home supports voice commands for its product.

As noted, this news isn't exactly a surprise — Google owns Nest. Still, it's useful. With the new integration, users can remotely check whether their door is locked, lock it via voice command, and include securing doors in a Google Routine. For instance, at night as part of a larger bedtime routine, users can now set the door to automatically lock.

This announcement comes as the latest addition to Nest's ecosystem of Google Assistant-enabled security devices. The home automation company revealed Nest Secure and Nest Hello (a security system and doorbell cam, respectively) in September 2017. The product also joins the ranks of several smart locks already on the market from August, Vivint, and Schlage that support Google's voice AI natively. Seeing as this only became possible this January, expect far more of these Assistant-supporting locks to pop up in the near future.