So in some good news, it looks like Chrome OS will get face recognition in the future for upcoming Chromebooks. If you use Google's desktop OS, then you know how frustrating logging in can be, even with the PIN or phone Smart Lock systems, so this will hopefully address that inconvenience.

You can read the important part of the commit, as spotted by Chrome Story, here:

intel: ipu3:

Add face detection
The face detection works if set the mode to FD_MODE_FULL.

The face info could be got by method getResult().
It's disabled currently. Add metadata and enable it in the future.

There's also mention of Intel Face Engine, which could be what drives this. If you've used RealSense cameras with Windows Hello, then this will sound quite exciting — especially if you have a complex Google password, as you should.

For now, we'll just have to wait to see what comes of this. It could appear in a potential Pixelbook successor, which is where I'd put my money, since it's likely this will require special hardware, like Windows Hello does. Exciting stuff.