When Bloomberg's Mark Gurman says something's going to happen in the world of tech, his word is very nearly a guarantee. So when a Gurman-authored article talking about upcoming iPhones sneaks in a one-line reference to Google having an October 9th Pixel event in New York City, we start freeing up our calendars.

According to Gurman, Google's "debut" event for the upcoming Pixel phones may not follow the October 4th pattern that we previously figured based history and the Famebit listing discovered by This is Tech Today.

An excerpt with the quote in full from the relevant Bloomberg article:

Alphabet Inc.’s Google also plans to debut new Pixel phones on Oct. 9 at a media event in New York City, other people familiar with the plans said. A Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

It's strange that such an important bit of news would have been relegated to a single line in an article about Apple's upcoming iPhones, but Gurman has an excellent track record when it comes to details like this. It might be surprising, but I personally wouldn't bet money against it.

If it is true, and Google plans on revealing the Pixels at an event in New York City, this would be the first Pixel launch event to take place outside the San Francisco/Bay Area. The last phone Google (almost) revealed at NYC is was the Nexus 4. Let's just hope there isn't a repeat of the Nexus 4's launch disaster.