The Pocophone F1 was revealed a few days ago, quickly taking the Android world by storm. With its Snapdragon 845, dual rear cameras, and 4,000mAh battery, it looked set to take on the flagships of the world, but at a much less eye-watering price of around just $300 USD. We already knew the pricing for India, but the figures for the rest of the world were revealed earlier today.

Without further ado, here's a breakdown of different countries/regions' base prices, ordered from least to greatest:

  • India: 20,999 INR (~$300)
  • Malaysia: 1,237 MYR (~$302)
  • Indonesia: 4,499,000 IDR (~$315)
  • Philippines: 17,990 PHP (~$338)
  • Hong Kong: 2,800 HKD (~$357)
  • France/Italy: €329 (~$384)

That list isn't representative of all of the areas that the Pocophone F1 will be sold in. Those looking for a full list can see this tweet (hint: the USA isn't on there).

We're looking forward to seeing how the F1 stacks up to other much more expensive phones. The Snapdragon 845 at this price point is incredible, but there have to be some trade-offs aside from the lack of NFC and a polycarbonate build, right?