Sometimes we report ground-breaking, interesting, and engaging news here on Android Police, but you all know that we don't shy away from the fluff either. And in that vein, we're here today to discuss a small, but very significant(TM) change in the Facebook Messenger app: following Instagram, it now has an adaptive icon too. It only took one year!

Behold the beauty:

Left: Old (v.179) Right: New (v.180)

Seriously though, I'm sure we're all thinking that Facebook could have done a better job than to slap an icon mask around the Messenger logo to make it adaptive, but oh well. Even some of Google's own apps are simple icons on a white plate. At least the Messenger icon doesn't look very out of place on the homescreen now.

Sean, the Gods of Facebook have answered you.

To get this beautiful adaptive icon that goes from circle to teardrop, square, or squircle, you need to be on Messenger v.180 and above. It's rolling out in batches on the Play Store, so you can grab it from APK Mirror.

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