Google announced Linux app support on Chrome OS back at I/O, but it's been slow to move it out of the dev channel. Finally, the Pixelbook just got a new build of Chrome v69 update that adds the beta Linux support. That's not all—this was a rather major update.

Make sure you have plenty of battery before installing this update. In addition to tweaking Chrome OS, the latest update brings changes to the BIOS and touchpad firmware. The installation process will take a few minutes longer than usual as a result. Once you get up and running, you can enable Linux support in the system settings. We have a handy tutorial to get you started installing Linux-y things.

This update also moves to the new Material UI Google has been pushing to all its products. So far, we've also noticed that night light (the blue light filter) has appeared in the quick settings without any flag changes. There's a full list of changes if you want to dig through the Chromium logs.

The latest v69 is rolling out in the beta channel for "most" Chrome OS devices, but Linux support won't come to all devices that get the update. You can install v69 immediately in the "About Chrome" section of your settings.