No social network has been as equally loved and hated as Google+. Those who use it appreciate the tight community and fruitful discussions, those who don't use it see no reason whatsoever to start doing so and deride its many shortfalls. Plus, both the spam propagation and the lack of meaningful development haven't helped its case lately. But nothing has sounded the alarm bells of Google+'s slow demise into pointlessness as much as one of Google's own entities deciding to abandon the platform for good.

In a post on Google+, Google France announced that it was shutting down its own page on the service. The account was hardly being updated — the previous post dated 46 weeks — so it's not like its crucially relevant information will be missed by its more than 471,000 followers, but the end is rather telling. Of all social networks, the Google France branch didn't see fit to keep its own Google+ page alive, and would rather you follow its news on Twitter or Facebook. Apparently, that's where all the cool kids hang.

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