Deadline has revealed that ustwo games will collaborate with Paramount Pictures and Patrick Osborne to create a Monument Valley movie. Patrick Osborne is best known for writing and directing the animated shorts Feast (a film that won the Oscar for best animated short film in 2015) and Pearl, but this newly announced project will supposedly contain both live action and CG elements to create some sort of hybrid. The premise appears to revolve around live-action characters that venture into the game’s animated world.

As you can see ustwo games confirmed the existence of the upcoming film on its official Twitter earlier this morning. Details are still light, but the Deadline article has revealed a few interesting tidbits. We know that Paramount Pictures is involved, along with Akiva Goldsman’s Weed Road Pictures handling producing duties, and Patrick Osborne is obviously filling the role of director. There is still no screenplay, and a screenwriter has yet to be chosen. So it's still very early days, and we won't be seeing this film anytime this year.

Now, I would imagine this is a big payday for ustwo games, and I have to wonder if this deal may be the start of a whole new video game movie trend if the Monument Valley film actually finds success. Mobile games are still very much an untapped market when it comes to tie-in media like movies and TV. So while films like The Angry Birds Movie may at first seem utterly ridiculous, I have no doubt the lack of original ideas in Hollywood means will we see plenty more mobile gaming movies in the years to come.