In its ongoing quest to get your eyes on as much content on its platform as possible, Instagram is testing a new recommended posts feature in its Feed that suggests posts from accounts you don't currently follow once you're caught up on posts from the ones you do. The social media platform tested a similar feature late last year.

While the new feature accomplishes the same ends as previous tests — getting you to look at posts from accounts you don't follow, keeping you on Instagram for longer — the means are a bit different this time. When you've reached the end of new content in your Feed, you'll see that familiar "All Caught Up" indicator followed by two options: tap a button to view older posts from accounts you follow (that you've probably already seen), or keep on scrolling to see posts from accounts you're not following, selected "based on the people you follow and photos and videos you like."

Instagram says it wants "to make Feed the best place to share and connect with the people and interests that matter most to you." If that just so happens to coincide with serving you more advertisements, well, that's a happy coincidence.

The experimental feature is rolling out now. Instagram says it'll be tweaking recommended posts based on user feedback and hopes to deliver it to more users in the coming weeks.