Google announced its Photos photo books back in 2017, but the service was initially only available in the US. Canada was added later in the year, and no other countries joined the list for about nine months. Earlier this week, photo books arrived in Germany, and today they're hitting the UK and France as well.

This news comes courtesy of David Lieb, Google Photos' product lead. Google's support pages for Photos have been updated with this info as well, along with pricing and shipping costs.

In the UK, a 7-inch softcover starts at £11.99 for 20 pages, and each additional page costs £0.49. A 9-inch softcover starts at £22.99, also for 20 pages, and each extra page goes for £0.69. Economy (7-10 day) shipping is £4.99 for the 7-inch softcover and £5.99 for the 9-inch hardcover, whereas priority (4-7 day) shipping is £12.99 for both 7-inch and 9-inch photo books.

Pricing for France is ever so slightly cheaper. The 7-inch softcover starts at €12.99 for 20 pages, and each additional page is €0.49. The 9-inch hardcover is €22.99 and up with the same 20 pages, with every additional page coming in at €0.69. Economy (7-10) day shipping is €5.99 for both versions, and priority (4-7 day) shipping is €13.99 for both.

These prices are slightly higher than the US's, but that's not unexpected given that taxes are included in the UK and France numbers. If photo books haven't yet popped up as available for you in those countries, we'd recommend checking again later in the day.