Earlier this month, we revealed that Google was working on a health and wellbeing product called 'Google Coach.' It would recommend workouts, monitor your nutrition, and more. A new Google Fit update was announced today, but it doesn't appear to have those features.

The new Fit is rocking Google's Material Design theme, but the main focus is on activity goals. You can now earn 'Move Minutes' for making changes to your daily routine, like walking up stairs instead of taking an elevator, or taking a walk instead of driving somewhere. For each minute of moderate activity (like jogging), you'll get one 'Heart Point.' The points are doubled for more intense activities, like running or kickboxing.

Points can also be gained from activity recorded in other apps; Google says Fit is integrated with Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo, and MyFitnessPal. Just like before, Fit will monitor activity using your Wear OS device (if you have one) and your smartphone.

It's not clear if these new features are part of a server-side rollout, or a new app version. Google says, "you’ll see these changes on your phone or smartwatch beginning this week." It's not live on any of my devices yet.

Download at APK Mirror

This new version is now available for download over at APK Mirror.