The world can be a depressing place, and the news we all consume reflects that. It can make things seem rather hopeless as you scroll through your headlines, but Google Assistant is here to help. A new feature is rolling out that delivers some "good news" when you ask for it. Just say "Hey Google, tell me something good."

Google's good news database isn't just puff pieces on puppies and rainbows—it's real news about people trying to make the world a better place. These stories can be a reminder of all the good things going on in the world even when the big headlines are depressing and unsettling. It's apparently called "solutions journalism," and the video below explains Google's goals in more detail. Be warned, this will trigger your Google Home.

The feature appears to be live on Assistant right now. Each piece of good news is just a snippet summarizing a news story in about 20 seconds. Assistant tells you the source and reads off the news. It doesn't seem to provide a link in the Home app for additional information, which is a bummer. You can always ask for more good news, though.