Google I/O was just a few months back, but Google has another developer-focused event coming up later this year. The Android Dev Summit will be a smaller event that eschews the flashy demos and giveaways that attract non-devs to I/O. It's happening at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View on November 7-8.

At the event, developers will get to know Android and the engineers who build it through a keynote, fireside chats, and office hours. It's billed as a more intimate setting than I/O where developers will be able to talk with Googlers about apps and the direction of Android.

This isn't the first time Google held an Android Dev Summit, but it has never been a guaranteed yearly event like I/O. The last one was in 2015, and it also happened at the Computer History Museum. Google promises more details on registration for the Dev Summit soon, but there probably won't be a ton of space. Interested parties are advised to follow the Android Dev twitter account for updates.

Registration is now open for the Android Dev Summit. To sign up for two days of deep technical sessions with the Android engineering team, those interested must head to the event page and request an invite. The request process isn't too daunting, but Google does ask for (optional) links to GitHub, Stackoverflow and Twitter profiles. Other than that, information is still sparse. But the event page does promise the Android engineering team speakers will be the "best in the biz," and throws out the possibility of a party to conclude the two-day, career-building event.