CD PROJEKT RED is expanding. The studio best known for The Witcher series of RPGs now owns the majority stake in Spokko, a new Polish gaming studio brand co-created by Maciej Weiss and Rafał Staszewski. Spokko will remain largely independent of CD PROJEKT by retaining its creative autonomy thanks to sharing a similar philosophy of operation with CD PROJEKT, though it does seem clear both studios are teaming up on a new idea based on one of CD PROJEKT's brands.

So now that we know CD PROJEKT has established a new mobile development studio, I'm sure plenty of you are wondering what in the world Spokko is going to create. Well, there is sadly no news on this front as of yet. I'm a little trepidatious to see what it is, knowing the leaders of Spokko have a history with casual mobile games. I worry that we'll ultimately get more of the same junk we've all played before, only wearing a CD PROJEKT skin. Hopefully, CD PROJEKT's influence over the title will ensure the game is as fair and balanced as the studio's console and PC offerings.

Maciej Weiss has been quoted in CD PROJEKT's press release that this time around he wants to work on a far more advanced and ambitious project that offers plenty of new possibilities for gamers. But honestly, who wouldn't make such a positive statement about their new project? In the copycat-filled mobile gaming world such public displays of ambition are a dime a dozen. But hey, it's still early days and there is no reason to get too pessimistic just yet. Maybe a good game will actually come out of this studio's recent formation. One can only hope.