Anker launched its first Android-powered portable projector about a year ago, the Nebula Mars. Since then, it also released the smaller Nebula Capsule, a sequel to the original Mars, and a Mars without Android. The two latter models, as well as the original, are heavily discounted for today only.

Firstly, Anker is selling the original Nebula Mars for $399.99, a $200 savings over the original price. This is still the brightest projector the company sells, with a rating of 500 ANSI Lumens (the Mars II is only 300 ANSI Lumens). As mentioned in our review, the major downside is that this still runs Android 4.4 KitKat. That severely limits what applications you can install, but you can always play local video files or use the HDMI input.

Next is the Mars II, which now costs $361.99 ($208 off) on Amazon. This has a dimmer lamp than the original model, but it has a longer battery life, the ability to function as a Bluetooth speaker, and improved controls. It's also running Android 7.1 instead of KitKat, so you can install most third-party apps from the Aptoide App Store (or whatever APKs you sideload). We're still working on our review of the Mars II.

Finally, if you don't need the projector to run Android at all, there's the $279.99 ($150 off) Nebula Mars Lite. It has the same lamp as the Mars II, but can only play media from a USB drive, display input from an HDMI device, or play music from the AUX port. This is perfect if you plan on using a Chromecast or other streaming stick to play most media.

You can buy all three projectors at the source links below.