The Google Voice Android app received an update this week that not only changes the icon and accent colors to match what you'll find in the new Hangouts and Chat, but it also adds a new Contacts tab for quickly accessing your address book.

Google Voice underwent a revival not too long ago, much to the joy of many of us who use the free service. But as Google restructures many of its well-known products under the enterprise G Suite umbrella, the future of Voice seems uncertain for us normal users.


Left: Old color, new layout; Center: New icon; Right: New color, new layout

Some people are seeing the new layout without the color change (thus the different-sized screenshot above), so there's obviously a server-side element to this. I, however, have both on my installation (v2018.33.208081136), running on my Pixel 2 XL (Pie) and OnePlus 6 (Oreo).

To me, the Contacts tab is pretty redundant, but it's meant to be a quick way to access your address book in the app. The experience isn't really that different to be honest, considering that contacts would appear as you searched to make a call or send a message. This seems to just be a means to quickly add or edit entries.

The web version also appears to have the new colors, but not the additional Contacts tab yet. Notice that the Play Store still shows the old icon at time of writing. Smooth transition, Google.

Google Voice
Google Voice
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