NVIDIA's SHIELD TV hasn't been getting any younger, but it's still the Android TV box to have. It was available for $139 last month, but for one day only. Best Buy currently has the same deal (okay, it's an extra 99 cents), and you can get a controller for an extra $40 on top of that.

The SHIELD TV's angular design is backed up by a powerful Tegra X1 chipset with a 256-core Maxwell GPU. This model has 16GB, which is unfortunate since there's no microSD slot. That being said, you can use a USB drive or an external HDD via one of the USB ports if you need additional storage. The standard remote is included, though you'll have to cough up another $40 for the gamepad.

$139.99 will get you a SHIELD TV with the remote, and you'll have to pay another $40 if you want the gamepad. We're not sure how long this sale will last for, but hopefully it'll be for longer than Amazon's one-day sale last month.