If you're one of the 1.5 billion WhatsApp users of the world, you'll know how important it is to back up your messages. Google Drive backups are conveniently built into the app but have always taken up valuable bytes of your storage quota. Starting later this year, WhatsApp is teaming up with Google to make backups entirely free.

Almost all of my communication with friends and family goes through the platform, so the thought of losing my chat history is an uncomfortable one. Thankfully, WhatsApp can be set to automatically back up data to both your local device storage and Drive on a nightly basis. Should you ever lose your phone, you'll be glad to have it safely stored on Google's servers.

My backup currently stands at 2.8GB, which is a substantial chunk of the 15GB allowance most people start off with. From November 12th, 2018, your WhatsApp backup will no longer count against your Drive quota.


One of our tipsters received an email from Google informing them of the news (above right), and WhatsApp's FAQs also have a notice about it. As a consequence of the deal, backups that haven't been updated in more than a year will be removed — so it's a good idea to do a manual backup before November just in case you don't have it set to do it by itself.

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