At its Uncarrier event held today, T-Mobile unveiled several new promotions and services aimed at bolstering its reputation as a customer-friendly, "subversive" wireless brand. Among them: a free year of Pandora Plus for customers, discounted live music tickets from Live Nation, free 30-day service trials, and the official launch of a customer service overhaul.

The Pandora Plus promotion follows closely after Verizon's six-month Apple Music promotion, and offers ad-free music with offline listening and unlimited replays and skips. Customers can get the code to unlock the service, usually $4.99 a month, in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app on August 28th.

The partnership makes sense, helping to promote the brand as youthful and fun, while driving more wireless usage. It's a tactic shared by other carriers — like Verizon's promo mentioned above, and free Tidal from Sprint (which may soon merge with T-Mobile).

As for the customer service overhaul, it's centered on T-Mobile's new "Team of Experts" service, launched nationwide today — which, it's safe to say, the company is pretty excited about considering they made a board game about it for journalists.

In the works for the past two years, the new customer experience strategy gives customers a local team of helpers. When customers call in or message T-Mobile through its app, they'll be automatically routed to a team dedicated to their city, skipping over the usual automated phone menu rigmarole.

The lines to this Team of Experts are open 24/7, says T-Mobile, and customers can arrange for call-backs at their convenience. Soon, subscribers will even be able to schedule their Team of Experts return calls directly through Alexa or the Google Assistant.

The new service is now live for postpaid customers, and is rolling out to all business and public sector customers, as well.