The Play Store has long warned about the dangers of downloading large apps and games over mobile data. Just one big download can wreck your capped data plan. Now, the Play Store appears to have sprouted a new menu option to control this. You can now choose network download preferences.

Head into your Play Store settings, and the new "App download preference" option should be near the top in the General section. Tap on that, and you can choose between Over any network, Wi-Fi only, and Ask me every time. Keep in mind, the auto-update settings are separate from this new feature, which only addresses manual installations.

If you leave the default "Over any network" option turned on, you can download apps on the Play Store normally when you don't have Wi-Fi. With Wi-Fi only, the download will be queued until you are connected to Wi-Fi again. The last option pops up a box asking if you want to download immediately on mobile data or wait for Wi-Fi. So far, we've only seen this feature appear on Play Store client v11.1.30 or later.

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