New tunes are arriving on Google Home devices today with the addition of Pandora Premium to the supported Assistant music services. After connecting your account, Assistant across all your devices can stream music directly from Pandora with new premium features. You can even give Pandora Premium a try for free.

You can add Pandora in your Assistant settings like any other music service. Pandora will function on a basic level with a free account, and that's been an option for a long time. Support for the premium version is new, though. Pandora Premium lets you choose the specific tracks and playlists, among other perks.

Google Home owners can try Pandora Premium free for 90 days. Just make sure your computer is on the same network as your Google Home, and go to the offers page. The free Pandora offer should be at the top. Google's blog post also mentions Deezer, but that service came to Assistant last month.