Despite how much I love my Shield TV and how often we use it in my household for streaming videos and playing games, I can't help but scratch my head a little at what NVIDIA is doing here. The company is rehashing its streaming box for the umpteenth time with another bundle and no price incentive to make anyone want to jump on board.

The new 2017 Shield TV, which was more or less a rehashed version of the older one, already comes in three versions: a $299 Pro with 500GB of storage and some hardware enhancements, a $179 16GB version with just the remote, and a $199 16GB with the remote and the game controller. Now there's another bundle with the addition of a SmartThings Link hub.

This new Smart Home Edition costs $219.99, which is $1 more than what you get by adding $179 for the regular version with remote and $39.99 for the Link. That makes no sense. You're actually slightly better off buying the items separately than together. And if you're patient enough to wait, you might get the Shield for $139-149 and the Link for $15-20. Overall, those are much better deals than this new bundle.

However, if you'd rather get one package from one source and not bother with hunting for deals, then I suppose the Smart Home Edition isn't a bad buy. The Shield TV now runs Oreo and NVIDIA has been stellar with its updates, it has 4K HDR video support, and there are almost no better Android TV options out there. As for the SmartThings Link, it's a very neat way to dip your toes into smart home automation, plus it's compatible with Google Home and plenty of other brands. You can check our review for more details.

For those interested in the Smart Home Edition, it will be available on NVIDIA's site, Amazon, and Best Buy. The latter is discounting it $20 to $199.99 for its anniversary sale and offering one month of TikiLIVE Premium. You can grab it from the links below.