Twitter's alternate app for developing nations with limited cellular connections (or those looking for a lighter or data-saving experience) just got bumped to v2.0. In this update, Twitter Lite is getting a crucial feature with push notifications as well as some other important stuff.

Here's the changelog:

We are now available in 46 countries! Designed for 2G/3G networks, enjoy Twitter without the data worries. The latest update includes support for:

  • Push notifications
  • Data saver
  • Night mode
  • Bookmarks
  • Save images

Obviously, the addition of push notifications is the most important bit of this update — it's also funny that the Twitter Progressive Web App had this before the Lite version, but I digress. With this being targeted at markets with 2G/3G connections, it's good to see an additional data saver option.

Night mode and bookmarks are now available, as well as the option to save images. As a regular and heavy Twitter user, I suppose that I've come to take these features for granted. Those of you using Lite, I'm sure this update is quite exciting.

Also, Twitter Lite is now available in 46 countries. Full list follows:

Twitter Lite Google Play app is now available in all of the following countries: Algeria, Argentina, Bangladesh, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, Ghana, Guatemala, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Nepal, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

If the Play Store isn't pushing the new version to your phone fast enough for you, we have v2.0 over on APK Mirror for you download and sideload on your own terms. Enjoy.

Twitter Lite
Twitter Lite
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