Verizon just published an update changelog for the LG G6, which is getting the G7's Super Bright Camera mode. That's basically it, but here are the notes in case you're interested.

Super Bright Camera

Capture clear and beautiful scenery even in the dark

  • Under low light environment (3-10 Lux), the Super Bright Camera icon will appear and blink for 3 seconds. Tap the icon to enable Super Bright Camera.
  • Super Bright Camera is available during video recording as well (except for UHD, 60fps, HDR, mode, and when the user has already started recording before entering to low light environment).
  • The user can turn Super Bright Camera On/Off in Camera settings. The default value is On

In case you don't know what the Super Bright Camera mode is, it's an option in the camera app to improve low-light performance by boosting the final photos' overall brightness. If the phone detects a dark environment, it will offer the option for SBC. Now the G6 is getting the feature, which is pretty nice.

Verizon also notes that the security patch is getting bumped up to July's. This update will be rolling out G6 users over the next while, so be looking for that sweet, sweet notification.