If you're looking for high-end Bluetooth audio accessories, most people think of Bose and for good reason. Sales on the company's products aren't too frequent, but another has popped up right after the QC35 II from this past weekend. The QuietControl 30 earphones are down $250 at various retailers, including Bose itself, Amazon, Best Buy, and so on.

This headset is a neckband style, with the main body of the unit wrapping around the back of your neck while the earbuds stretch up on cords. It features adjustable noise-canceling, NFC pairing, a dual-microphone system to make calls clearer even in loud environments, and a listed ten hours of battery life.

You have a slew of options to choose from on where you buy the QC30. I'll go ahead and list the ones we found below, so take your pick.