Samsung formally revealed the Note9 just a few days ago, and although the phone's physical design may not be too revolutionary, the bump in specs and features should make an impression on fans of Samsung's S Pen-equipped series. There new don't-call-it-a-stylus has some cool tech inside it as well, combining inductive power with a quick-charging supercapacitor. So has the Note9 won you over?

Our review is still in the works, but feel free to check out our hands-on in the meantime. So far, the Note9 seems to continue the same "safe bet" strategy the Galaxy S9 delivered, bringing 2018-era specifications as well as a few uncommon benefits like a sizable 4,000mAh battery, huge storage options (both the base 128GB and the 512GB models) and the snazzy new Bluetooth S Pen. As one of the only OEMs not yet jumping on the notch trend, the Note9 may even pull unexpected popularity from those who otherwise scoff at Samsung's software—though we think a certain demographic might be the target market.

Preorders have officially opened and unlocked prices for the Note9 are pretty steep, starting at $1,000. Financing options can bring the price down as low as $30 a month, though, if you need to spread the cost out a bit.

So has the latest Galaxy phone won you over as an alternative to the Pixel 3 and its probable, monumental notch, or are you unimpressed with Samsung's new Note9?

Will you be buying (or have you already pre-ordered) a Galaxy Note9?

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