Bose's QuietComfort line has always prioritized, as you might have guessed, quiet and comfort. The QC35 was already a critically-acclaimed set of Bluetooth headphones for its excellent noise-cancelling tech and sheer comfort, and the QC35 II added Google Assistant on top of all that. The QC35 II has now been discounted at several retailers, including Amazon, Bose, and Best Buy, by $50 to $299.

Walk into any airport or major train station, and there are good odds that you'll see at least a few people wearing QC35s, and for good reason. They're light and comfortable, they sound great, the active noise cancellation is second to none, and the Bluetooth makes them extremely convenient. The QC35 II adds Assistant, which allows for voice control with the press of a button. The only real flaw with these was the price, which this deal (partially) addresses.

This $50 discount is available at basically every store that sells QC35 IIs, including Amazon, Best Buy, Bose, eBay, and Walmart. Both the black and silver models' prices have been slashed. Bose's site says that the discount will last until September 1st, which probably applies to all retailers.