The sensation that is Fortnite landed on Android just two days ago, but it was set to be a Samsung exclusive for a "few days." That nebulously defined period is now over, and the application now runs on non-Samsung devices, but there is a catch: You still can't actually play it unless you got an invite.

Above: Excitement. Below: Disappointment. Both taken on Artem's Pixel 2 XL.

We noticed the change mere minutes ago, and as of today devices which previously couldn't download the game via the installer now can. Unfortunately, if the account you log into hasn't yet been formally accepted into the beta, you can't actually play. Without an invite, all you get is the option to join the existing waiting list.

The invites aren't arbitrary, either. They're most likely in place to control server load and prevent meltdowns like we all should remember from the release of Pokémon Go.

Login page for Fortnite on Android.

Still, for those who did manage to get in on the beta via a compatible Samsung device, now you can switch devices—if that's something you'd like to do. We don't know when invites will start rolling out for those with other hardware, but given the new (apparent) compatibility, it shouldn't be too long.

If you did get an invite, or you'd just like to prepare, you can download both the installer and this latest version of the game over at APK Mirror.