Chrome 68 was released about two weeks ago, and Chrome 69 just arrived in the beta channel. There's usually a week delay between Chrome and Chrome OS being updated, and now Chromebooks are being updated to v68. This release includes an updated Material Design UI, PIN support for signing in, camera improvements, and more.

Here's the full changelog, courtesy of Google:

  • 802.11r Fast BSS Transition Support
  • Ability to use Select to Speak with touch/stylus only
  • Admin policy to enable/disable client-side native printing
  • Enabling/disabling ChromeVox through the side volume keys (tablets/convertibles)
  • High resolution image support in camera app
  • Introduction of Display Size settings
  • Material 2.0 dialogs and secondary UI on ChromeOS
  • Overview visual refresh and motion spec improvements
  • PIN sign-in support
  • Select-to-Speak ability to select specific text to be read aloud by highlighting the text, then pressing Search + s. This works in addition to the original behavior of pressing Search and clicking an item or dragging a box around content to be read aloud.
  • Support Child account as first sign-in
  • Two new shortcuts to toggle the magnifiers on/off

It's interesting to see the Chrome OS team refer to the updated design as 'Material 2.0,' considering the rest of the company calls it Google Material ('Material 2.0' was used by some publications/fans prior to the official announcement). Regardless, the dev team has been hard at work giving Chrome OS a fresh coat of Material paint.

The improvements to ChromeVox should greatly help users with disabilities, and the camera app improvements will be a nice holdover until Google Camera gets ported to Chrome OS. The update is rolling out to all supported Chromebooks, but it could be a week or two before everyone gets it.