Back in 2015, June introduced its smart convection oven powered by the Tegra K1 (which was funny, because the chip was known to run hot). It was expensive, though — like, $3,000 expensive. Now, to the chagrin of its early adopters, June is back at it with another K1-powered smart oven that's considerably less pricey at $600. And right now, you can even get a hundred bucks off.

While paying more for a souped-up toaster oven than you did your first car seems ridiculous on its face, June's new oven is comparatively reasonable. You can save an additional $100 with promo code NEW100. The company says it replaces no fewer than seven dedicated kitchen appliances, which total up to more than $1,700 purchased individually — although I have my doubts about the oven's efficacy as a slow cooker (and that many people own an air fryer or a warming drawer).

The oven is actually pretty smart. It's got a touch screen for adjusting modes and temperatures, a built-in food thermometer, and a 1080p camera on the inside. The camera can take pictures of your food while it's cooking, if you want to do that. But more importantly, it can also recognize "65+" different types of food and make cooking suggestions. There's even a smartphone app to monitor your food and control cooking. Unfortunately, unlike the previous model, this one doesn't have a scale, so you'll have to input the weight of your steak manually before it'll let you know how long it'll take to get it to medium-rare.

June's second-generation oven is available now.