When Google launched Classroom so that teachers and students would have a repository for the work they were doing, the goal was to create something as simple as possible. The app has proved popular, but Google has just announced a refresh that adds some much-needed functionality.

A Classwork page is being introduced allowing teachers to organize assignments into modules and units. This frees up the Stream section to be used purely as a discussion board and should reduce clutter for both students and teachers.

Another improvement is the addition of a comment bank so that teachers can reuse feedback that they would otherwise have to keep typing out again and again. The redesigned grading tool can also switch between student files and submissions without opening each file, speeding up the process. It's now compatible with Docs Editors, Office files, PDFs, videos files, and more.

Other new features include the ability to copy and reuse previous classwork with other classes, a streamlined Settings page, and an option to turn off all notifications if you're not the lead teacher in a class.

These enhancements and more have been previewed by beta testers in recent months, and more changes are planned in the near future. You'll soon be able to add a Classwork page to older classes, attach materials to those pages, and create quizzes in locked mode (including using Google Forms). For more information on everything that's new, check out the Teacher Center for guides and how-to videos. There's also a handy Back to School FAQ.

You can install the Android app from the Play Store below or download the latest version from APK Mirror.

Google Classroom
Google Classroom
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