We cover plenty of home security cameras here at AP, but they're usually from upstart tech firms or larger companies entering into the market. Swann has been an industry leader since way before smart home security became accessible to the masses, and it's announcing that its wired security systems are now compatible with the Google Assistant.

Thanks to the new integration, Swann systems can now be controlled hands-free through a Google Home device. Paired with a TV using a Chromecast, or with casting built-in, users can ask the Google Assistant to show a feed from one of their cameras on the big screen, making for convenient, on-demand security monitoring around the home. A simple command such as "Hey Google, show me channel one" can be used to achieve this.

Other smart security cameras already offer similar functionality, but Swann is the first to add the Google Assistant to a wired multi-camera system. With a Swann setup, more than one camera can be shown on the screen at a time with just a single voice command.

Existing users should download the Swann HomeSafe View app (below) and pair it with the Google Assistant. You can then ask your phone or Google Home to show your security feeds whenever you like. Compatible Swann systems start at $279.99 for a four-camera pack, with options that go all the way up to 16 cameras capable of 4K streams.

HomeSafe View
HomeSafe View
Price: Free