Samsung is close to releasing its first Android Go phone. A dump of the device's ROM has already leaked, and it includes a few interesting apps - like a lightweight version of the Samsung Internet browser. The aptly named 'Samsung Internet Go' looks and feels exactly like the full browser, but lacks almost all the features.

The app seems to use Android's WebView to render pages, instead of including an entire copy of the Chromium engine. That allows Internet Go to be much smaller than the full app - just 17MB compared to ~80MB. The interface is nearly identical to the full browser, minus the hovering quick menu.


The missing features only become apparent once you look deeper. There is no support for extensions (including ad blockers), which is the main reason why most people use Samsung Internet. There's also no night mode or Samsung Cloud sync.

If you still want to give the browser a try, it's available on APKMirror.