In all of the Android 9 Pie news yesterday, this little bit slipped under the radar. Google wasn't completely wrapped up in announcing and releasing the latest version of Android; no, it was also acquiring a small company that could benefit our favorite operating system, just not in a truly user-facing way (unless we want to get really technical). GraphicsFuzz, a three-man firm based in the UK, is joining the Android Graphics Team to improve GPU security and driver stability going forward.

Back in March, GraphicsFuzz showed off its prowess by releasing information about a flaw in the Snapdragon Samsung Galaxy S9 variant. The problem lay with the Adreno 630 graphics drivers, which, when exploited via a valid WebGL webpage in the stock Samsung Internet browser, allowed them to force the phone to become unresponsive and reboot itself. Ouch.

Now, that small start-up is joining Google, specifically the Android team. The details of the acquisition remain unknown at time of writing, but good luck to Alistair Donaldson, Hugues Evrard, and Paul Thomson in their future endeavors.