Mere minutes after Google announced the Android 9 Pie name and official launch, Essential has tweeted that its own Pie update is rolling out to the PH-1 right now. Somehow, in spite of the serious financial problems the company is facing, it's still absolutely killing it in terms of updates.

Throughout the entire Android P beta period, Essential had been right behind Google, but pushing a 9 Pie OTA before Google even does so to Pixel devices is very impressive. It reminds me of when the Moto X received Lollipop before the Nexus 5 back in Motorola's heyday. Essential has confirmed that those on the beta will be able to get the official Pie OTA as well.

Our own Ryne hasn't seen the update become available on his Essential Phone with the latest P beta yet, but others are. Let us know when your PH-1 receives it in the comments below.

Essential has a blog post on the Pie update up, and it features a mini-interview with a few team members.