Rumors of Google's attempted return to China have been around for years, but things really started getting going within the past few days. To be specific, there have been reports that Google is working on censored versions of its Search and News apps. We're now hearing that Google is in talks with Tencent, Inspur, and some other Chinese companies to introduce its Cloud service to the Chinese market.

Google wants to run services like Drive and Docs in China, and it needs to do so through data centers and servers because China requires digital information to be stored within the country. As a result, Google is reportedly in talks with the conglomerate Tencent Holdings, Inspur Group (a server hardware company), and other companies.

According to the sources, these discussions began early this year, and Google narrowed its potential partners down to three firms in March. However, it's unclear whether or not Google will go through with the plans, largely due to US-China trade tensions.

Representatives from Google, Tencent, and Inspur either haven't or wouldn't respond to requests for comment, which isn't surprising. In any case, it'll be interesting to see how these discussions proceed.