Google Express is still a bit of a tough sell for a lot of shoppers. While it offers the convenience of integration with Google Pay and presents the opportunity for free shipping (which is temporarily at a new $15 minimum purchase level for many stores), maybe its biggest problem has been in terms of availability — it can sometimes be quite hard to find what you want. Google's been taking some steps to improve that situation, including signing on a whole mess of new retail partners.

Last time we checked in on the latest batch of stores to join Google Express, we saw over two dozen companies bringing their product lines to Google's storefront. We've been tracking all the new additions ever since, and now, not even one month later, we're ready to share another big group with you:

We can't deny that Google's building up a sizable list of companies participating in Express, but is that going to be enough to lure shoppers away from the convenience of one-stop-shop behemoths like Amazon? Time will tell, but for now Google's efforts shall continue, and we'll keep tracking the new stores joining the Express family.