Bluetooth speakers may not be as exciting as the futuristic, digital assistant-enabled hardware that's making the rounds these days, but they're still useful. When you're throwing a party on the deck or out at the beach, it isn't a Google Home that you reach for when packing. You need more volume, fewer wires, and battery-powered convenience, all of which the Beats Pill+ provides. And now you can pick one up for about half off MSRP ($114) at Best Buy and Amazon.

Cheap, low-end Bluetooth speakers endlessly fill the rapidly cycling digital shelves of deal sites like Woot, but they're almost universally total junk. Beats might not exactly have a reputation for audiophile-level quality, it's true, but it gets loud, and it sounds good enough. Besides, odds are you aren't getting drunk with your friends in the backyard to appreciate the finer subtleties in the latest rendition of Mozart's KV 491/Piano Concerto No. 24. (It's one of only two minor-key piano concertos he ever wrote, bro! Let's do a keg stand!)

The Pill+ gets loud, has a 12-hour battery for your all-day drinking music, plus it has an output to keep your phone charged at the same time, too. It has an app for... app things, and from it, you can pair your Pill+ with a 2nd speaker for twice the noise.

At $114, this is the lowest we've seen the speaker priced, and both Amazon and Best Buy have them for sale in a variety of colors. Maybe it's worth picking one up for your next summer party.