Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn was created thanks to an Indiegogo campaign that started back in 2014. After years of development a release was imminent, but then the beat 'em up was delayed thanks to some licensing issues. Much of the game had to be largely reworked, which is why it didn't get released on consoles until June 2018. Despite the change in genre from the original Shaq Fu 2D fighting game, the reception has been overwhelmingly positive. Now that the dust has settled, Android users finally get their very own version, and you can pick it up for free off of the Play Store right now.

Much like the original game, the story in Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is overly convoluted, and it knows it. This is what makes it so fun to play. It doesn't take itself seriously at all, and while the self-deprecating humor can feel a little lopsided at times, the utter ridiculousness of Shaquille O'Neal playing the part of a Chinese Wu Xing master who is hunting down aliens adds a level of charm that's both cringy and delightful, all at the same time.

The gameplay doesn't really deviate from your standard beat 'em up, but I think that's a good thing. Somedays you just need something that offers mindless fun, and ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn definitely delivers on that front. The touchscreen controls work well, though a floating d-pad would have been nice. I'm also happy to report that HID controller support is included. Sadly, Nvidia Shield support is missing.

Now since this is a port of a console release, you may be wondering how the monetization has been handled. Well, the first level is free-to-play, and if you would like to continue past that, you will have to spend $4.99 through a single in-app purchase. When you consider that the console and PC version retails for $19.99, five bucks is a steal.

So there you have it. Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn is a competent beat 'em up that's being sold at a reasonable price, and it contains controller support. The humor can be a little hit or miss, but if you found the cult hit Shaq Fu to be enjoyable, you're going to dig the sequel. Sure, the title may not earn a spot as one of the worst games ever made as the original did, but it's fun and easy to pick up for a quick play session. What else do you really need?

ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn
ShaqFu: A Legend Reborn