Navigating between videos in the YouTube app could be getting a whole lot easier in the future. According to one of our eagle-eyed tipsters, a subtly different interface might be coming that supports swiping between videos. With the slide of a finger, you could navigate between videos in your queue—though you'll still never find something to watch.

The test takes the standard YouTube app interface we all should be familiar with and just adds swiping. Dragging to the left or right pulls you from video to video within the queue you're currently navigating in the same way that the overlay controls do.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a video of the feature in action. (Prepare for my bill, Artem.)

Enjoy the dulcet, truncated tones of AP's own Facundo Holzmeister.

None of my own hardware has been included in this A/B test, so I can't tell you if it affects navigation or the app interface in any other way.

Both Google and YouTube are known for these types of so-called A/B tests, where a small group plays guinea pig before a final decision is reached about a given feature. In some cases, these tests don't even go anywhere, so just because YouTube seems to be trying it out doesn't mean it's a definite part of the app's future. They could decide at the end of the test that it isn't worth rolling out to a wider audience.

Still, it's a pretty snazzy way of navigating between videos if you can't choose what to watch, and I can't think of many objections that could be raised against it.