More than half of all new mobile games are built on Unity's development engine, with 3 billion devices reached across both Android and iOS. That's an enormous potential audience just waiting to be served with high-quality advertising, something Google seems to have cottoned on to. Companies using Google's AdMob platform are getting access to Unity's vast catalog of mobile games after the two announced a new strategic partnership.

According to the development firm's Vice President of Advertiser Solutions, Julie Shumaker, almost 9 billion minutes are spent playing Unity games every day, with the ad potential largely untapped until now. The integration will be beneficial for both companies, strengthening Unity's commercial position while extending Google's advertising reach.

"“By partnering with Google, we are unlocking access to this powerful channel and providing advertisers the opportunity to drive value with high engagement ad experiences.” - Julie Shumaker, Unity VP of Advertiser Solutions

Advertisers will be able to serve ads across Unity's many titles using Universal Ad Campaigns, allowing for more expansive and connected campaigns. Game developers and Google AdMob customers will get access to the new channels starting today.